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    Scenario Announcement: Roman Frontier


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    Scenario Announcement: Roman Frontier Empty Scenario Announcement: Roman Frontier

    Post by Ablast3 on Wed Aug 12, 2009 3:34 pm

    As you may know i have a few scenarios i am working on but right now i'm making a scenario that is easy and fast to make but is still fun. Its called Roman Frontier, Its about soldiers on the frontier in Egypt. You are a general with an honor guard(this is your team), You try to push through enemy lines until you reach the enemy base.

    This game is mainly an arcade game because, you have an army that is allied to you but not on your team fighting the egyptian army. How this works is that you assist your army until you reach the enemy's obelisk. Once you destroy the obelisk your forces get shifted closer to the enemy base and your enemy's forces gets shifted back.

    Once you destroy an obelisk you will get a few improvements.
    -More soldiers
    -Converted Gates
    -God Powers
    -and more...
    -(plus a few surprise benefits)
    100% Map
    08% Triggers

    I would definetly like to have some playtesters(Its not a big map) and i would also like to have an experienced trigger person(the 8% is pretty much the army deploy/Army move, Ghost army's set, and tech status stuff). If anybody would like to could make the cintematic(I'm still learning how). If you help me out i will put you in the credits.
    A few photos
    (This is going against Azurius in the Competition)


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    Scenario Announcement: Roman Frontier Empty Re: Scenario Announcement: Roman Frontier

    Post by WRP_OL_Slayer on Thu Aug 13, 2009 6:57 pm

    you've got a playtester!(Just makeing sure u get it Very Happy)

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